★ Getting Started

We will inform you on how to use this site and payment method.
First of all, please register as a free member. No charges will be incurred at this stage. After logging in, please check if you can watch the sample movie.
If you agree with us, please proceed to the registration procedure for monthly membership registration and single item content. The procedure is very easy! Once settlement is completed, you can enjoy the movie immediately without having to wait.
★ This site is a streaming delivery service. You can not download it and watch it.

■ Procedure from free member registration to monthly member registration

Free membership registration
Please register as a free member who can enjoy the sample.

· Enter the necessary information and click the "Button on the right side"
Regarding membership registration, no cost is required.

· After registration is completed, a registration completion email will be sent to the registered e-mail address.

※ If you do not receive the registration completion email, please contact inquiry form from
Please contact us.

Make sure the video plays properly

· Login with your registered e-mail address and password.
* When checking the check box "Memory" at login, you do not need to enter your email address next time.
After logging in, please confirm that sample videos can be watched without problems.

* Please understand beforehand that it will not be able to respond to refunds when purchasing in spite of the environment where it can not be reproduced normally.
Monthly membership
If you can watch the sample movie and convince the contents, proceed to purchase / settlement of the Monthly Viewable Membership or single item viewing.
Monthly unlimited membership
Monthly members who can watch all works of this site are 2,500 yen every 30 days. (It will be settled continuously every 30 days unless you cancel your account.)
If you can confirm the settlement amount and automatic continuation settlement, please go to purchase · settlement with the monthly membership registration in the cart.

Single item viewing course
It is a course that you can watch your favorite works one by one for 30 days. Put "Rental viewing" in the cart and proceed to purchase · settlement. After the settlement is over, the title of the work purchased on "My Page" will be displayed, so please click on the title and watch it.
1. Credit card payment
Please fill in the necessary items on the settlement page and complete the settlement.
After settlement is completed, your account will be activated and you will be able to watch the video.

■ Forgot password

We will automatically reissue the password from the following link.

About member withdrawal processing

If you decide to unsubscribe, you can do it from My Page with logged in to the site.
In addition, in order to completely withdraw from the site, you need to cancel "monthly membership registration" and withdraw from free members.
(If you do not register as a monthly subscription, it is only withdrawal from a free member)
Cancellation can be done by the following procedure.
· At the time of cancellation, no payment, such as fee, will occur, unless the customer has an accrued payment.
· Withdrawal from monthly members will be canceled immediately, you will lose viewing authority for monthly content at that point, you will not be able to see monthly movies.
· If you cancel a free member, you will lose all authority concerning this site and the points etc. held will be lost.

Log in to My Page.
1) When registering as a monthly member
Click the "Cancel" button at the middle of my page, under the monthly membership history.
※ Please note that as soon as you click, the monthly membership will be canceled immediately and you will not be able to watch monthly videos.
Then proceed to the procedure in 2).

2) If you are not registered as a monthly member
· Click "Resignation Procedure" at the far right of the menu at the bottom of the member information. Since it becomes the members withdrawal procedure (confirmation page), please click on the "Yes, I will withdraw" button after confirming.

■ Internet connection environment required for playback

In order to watch a video, it is necessary to have a constant Internet connection environment of broadband high speed line.
* Can not be used for low-speed line connection such as dial-up and ISDN
* Since the video is played by streaming method, Internet connection is always necessary while playing.

Needed for playback
Connection line (PC)
Optical fiber connection of B FLET'S etc, various ADSL connections (8 Mbps or more recommended)
Broadband connection of cable TV (CATV) etc.
* The line speed is required to be 1 Mbps or more in actual measurement.

Needed for playback
Connection line (smartphone)
3G line, 4 G (LTE) line, WiFi connection
* The line speed is required to be 1 Mbps or more in actual measurement.
* In the case other than the WiFi connection, playing a large amount of movies in a certain period will be subject to packet restrictions from the carrier, so we recommend you to play with WiFi connection. (For packet restrictions, please contact your mobile phone company.)

About delivery method

We use the streaming method for distribution of images on this site.
This method is played while movie data is delivered to your personal computer or smartphone via the Internet, so random playback from any time is possible.
* Since the video is played by streaming method, Internet connection is always necessary while playing.
* Movie data can not be played after downloading it to PC or smartphone in advance.

■ PC / smartphone environment required for playback

· Operating system Microsoft Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Mac OS X v10.4 or later
· Pentium processor (and compatible CPU) with clock speed equivalent to 1 GHz or more * Pentium 4 or higher recommended - · Monitor resolution higher than 1200 x 720 dots recommended - · Memory: 512 MB or more (1 GB or more for Vista)
· Set JavaScript to "On", Cookie to "Accept"
· If your browser is Firefox, the latest version of Adobe Flash Player is required. * The latest version here
Smartphone / iOS terminal (iPhone other)
· Recommended iOS 5 or higher
· Set JavaScript to "On", Cookie to "Accept"
Smartphone / Android Terminal
· AndroidOS 2.2 or higher required * WiFi connection recommended - · For Andoroid 2.2, 2.3, the latest version of FlashPlayer must be installed. * The latest version here
· Set JavaScript to "On", Cookie to "Accept"
· Some models do not display the full screen button during movie playback.
* Since the computer's ability will vary greatly depending on the usage environment, the above is not a guarantee of reproduction, as a guide only.
In addition, the above specifications are specs higher than the general recommended environment.